Sewing Project: Patterned Seat Cushions

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

There was so much content created for the book, and ultimately there were a few things that just didn't make the final cut. This patterned seat cushion project is one of those! I wanted to share it with you here on The Fold, as seat cushions really make a kitchen chair look finished, and are much comfier than a bare chair!  They can be hard to find in unique patterns but with this tutorial by my friend Sarah Laskow (who we teamed up with for an amazing collaboration--stay tuned it launches October 31st!), you can make them yourself in a pattern you love. We chose a personal favorite of ours, Spots in Midnight Black. If sewing is not your strength, consider bringing the project to a local seamstress.


Sewing Machine

Zipper Foot

1.25 yards heavy weight fabric (min. 40” wide) per cushion



Heavy weight thread that matches color of fabric



24” ruler




Top/bottom x 2

Cording cover x 4

Sides x 2

Ties  x 2


Step 1: Prep Fabric

Iron the fabric flat and cut out all pattern pieces.


Step 2: Make Cording

Join the two sets of cording covers at the short ends to create two finished pieces.  Iron the seam allowance open so it will lay flat when attached to other pieces.

Fold the cording cover fabric over the cording and stitch it with ‘stay stitches’ using the zipper foot.


Step 3: Cushion Ties

Fold seam allowance to center the long way and iron flat.  The fold the whole tie in half the long way and iron flat.  Top stitch along the outside edge and finish the tie.


Step 4: Sides of Cushion

Join the sidepieces at both short ends for one long circular piece.  Iron the seam allowance open.


Step 5: Putting it All Together

Pin covered cording on to the top and pin in ties. Then stitch with machine.  After that pin covered cording on the bottom leaving an opening to insert the cushion (it can be pretty small).  Stitch this with the machine.


Step 6: Finish

Insert the cushion into the cover and stitch it all closed.  You can do this part by hand or machine.

All Photography by Emily Johnston.


  • This is a great idea. Now I am preparing to make seat cushion foam for my mother to relief her from back pain. I think this post will help me a lot.

    James R. Critchfield on

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