Shadow Series: Dream in Moonlight

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Dreaming under the moonlight, out of the city, seems like a peaceful way to get a good night’s sleep. Quiet and dark, there’s only the soft glow from the moon. Living in a busy city, I wanted to create bedding that would make you feel like you’re miles away from it all.

This graphic collection was inspired by the intriguing interplay of light and dark.  I’m always drawn to the striped shadows cast by the simple slat fencing on the beach The way the sun casts long shadows and creates cool places to steal a nap or the beautiful glowing phases of the moon—we looked to these memories as we developed these striking patterns, creating a space for you to curl up and hide away (even for just a 10 minute catnap).

The original artwork for this design began as a large stripe painting. I had taped together many sheets of paper from my sketchbook—because I love how this paper takes the paint—and painted long stripes across the pages. I love the beauty in the simplicity of a hand-painted stripe. There are areas where the paint pools and the colors gradually change across the length of the stripe.

Classic stripes are easy to layer with many different patterns, especially when they have this painterly look. They’re still soft and dreamy but not overly feminine. If you typically love a white bed, this soft stripe is a nice update that can still feel light and airy. Add in sandy neutrals and more shades of gray for a layered look.

Another option is to take a cue from the inspiration for this design and layer in graphic charcoal blacks and patterns inspired by the moon. Black, gray, and white can make an impact in the bedroom.  Remember, this neutral gray color is a great base and you can mix it with countless colors so. We hope you’ll mix and match it to tell your story.

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