The Howes Collection: Spring 2017

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Woven ChairsThis collection draws its story from the beach in the off-season, when the sky darkens earlier and the moon hangs low in the sky. Time seems to pass at a different rate than in the summer. The moon still pulls the tide, and the sun continues to glimmer on the water, but the shadows are long and dramatic. This graphic nature of the beach in the winter feels like a natural connection with woven fabrics. Weaving is structural and the pattern is created through construction instead of a surface application. Another source of inspiration is sashiko, a Japanese stitching technique which translates to “little stabs”, which was once used to reinforce cloth. These simple stitches remind me of marking time and days passing until summer.

See more of our collection below. Later this week I'll be sharing more about the process behind each design.

Rebecca Atwood Marble Woven Fabric

Rebecca Atwood Quilted CirclesRebecca Atwood Throw Pillows

Rebecca Atwood Fabric Rolls

Rebecca Atwood Spring Pillows in Taupe

Rebecca Atwood Chaise Lounge

Photography by Emily Johnston.

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