Styling Pillows at Home with Rebecca

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

We get asked all the time about what pillows will look good together, so today we’re here to talk about pattern mixing and choosing pillows for your sofa. To see Rebecca give her top tips and explain why she choose each pillow for her apartment in Brooklyn, check out the video below. If there's a particular pillow you have your eye on, scroll down on the product page for suggestions on what to pair it with under "Styled by Rebecca."

We love pattern mixing because it allows you to tell your story and it gives a sense of place. Finding the right mix depends not only on the patterns, but also the size of the pillow, and the number of pillows that fits on your sofa. If you're looking to buy new pillows, try putting pillows you already own on the sofa to get a sense of sizes that work. It's easier to tell from there if you want to go smaller or bigger.

First look: Neutral Palette

Our first look is for the minimalist, the pattern novice, and the neutral lover. If you start with neutrals and textural patterns you really can’t go wrong when pillow mixing. Small-scale patterns with allover coverage will read as texture more than pattern from a distance and remember proportions can be a form of pattern with repetition.

You want to make sure the neutral colored patterns are interesting enough so that it’s not boring. Using similar scaled patterns with different colored grounds works together too.

From L to R: Quilted Circles Pillow (no longer available), Dot Dash Pillow, Speckled Pillow, Dashes Pillow, Petals Pillow, and Cut up Dot Pillow.


Second look: Monochromatic Palette

Our second look is for the color lover and the pattern lover who still wants a calm feeling. Here you want to keep a tight color palette but remember that monochromatic doesn’t need to mean that everything matches. In fact, you can apply this to any color not just blue. The shifting shades of blue, verging on purple-blue to blue-green, makes this look even more interesting. You could even add a pop of coral.

Mix up the scale with an assortment of small, medium, and large prints. It helps move your eye around the room. If the couch is feeling too dark you could even add some neutrals to lighten it. If it needs a little more excitement, you could add a pop of coral.

From L to R: Tidal Wave Pillow, Hills Pillow, Dot Dash Pillow, Hills Pillow and Tidal Wave Pillow.


Third look: Mutli-colored Palette

This last look is for the pattern and color lover. Sometimes we'll get questions from the customer who want a multi-colored look but don’t know where to start. What we suggest is to think about places with the vibe you want and remember the colors there. What you can also do is start with one multi-colored pillow, like the Stitched Leaves Pillow, and pull out the colors from there.

Living rooms are a great place to go multi because they’re more likely to be in a constant flux. You also don’t be too prescriptive because perfect color matches aren’t as interesting. Think more about hues that complement one another. Here we've used a two-color stripe pillow to keep things classic and sophisticated. It's also very important to add in neutrals so that feels sophisticated and not too young.

From L to R: Painted Stripe Pillow, Sashiko Stitch Pillow, Stitched Leaves Pillow, Dashes Pillow, Sashiko Stitch Pillow, and Painted Stripe Pillow.


Happy pattern mixing! As always, leave us any questions below or email

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