Sun Series: Feel the Glow

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I don’t know about you, but I definitely get a bit of the winter blues. It gets dark so early, and when you pair that with the cold temperatures and I just want to curl up in bed. I wanted to create a design that would capture that feeling of sunshine so that you could create a cozy warm bedroom to combat the cold. 

Feminine and glowy, this collection is marked by a pretty pink blush that’s reminiscent of the inside of a seashell or the light cast at sunset. When the sun’s rays hit the sand at the end of the day it radiates warmth (“magic hour”). The result is sweet and comforting and it provides a bit of solace and escape. 

I began the artwork for this design in my sketchbook. It was another variation on our Petals pattern that I had painted a while back but wanted to revisit. I like that the shapes here are less curled and more reminiscent of shells. I love painting simple shapes with subtle differences. It’s meditative and reflective of the vibe I want in the final design. 

While a pink pattern may seem overly feminine at a first glance, it’s actually a very versatile color choice.  This peachy pink hue lends a beautiful flattering contrast against your skin. This color creates a warm glow that is cozy and calming. To keep the palette from feeling too sweet, we have a few ideas to help you create the perfect space. Mixing this peachy hue with neutrals keeps it sophisticated. I love soft sandy hues, taupe, and shimmering copper with it. I find that these warmer neutral tones add another dimension to the blush hue and keep it feeling neutral. Mixing it with cool neutrals like gray can make it feel a little sweeter without some additional colors in the mix.

Another way to go is to pump up the color—think about a sunset—and incorporate bolder shades. You can’t really go wrong with a monochromatic palette so consider richer shades of peach and tangerine.

Another option is to create a more multi-colored mix. Pick a piece with a touch of blush and at least one other color to build a palette off of. Personally, I love how our shell duvet goes with our Gridded Ikat pillow in Blue-Pink. Adding in this blue still feels pretty neutral but creates more depth. You can then add something bolder like our Tangerine Painted Stripe headboard pillow. This mix makes the blush feel like a neutral. There are endless options and we can’t wait to see how you choose to style it.


  • love your video, so peaceful and cozy!

    Denise Atwood on

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