What We're Reading: 8.26.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

The summer is flying by, and we're savoring these last few weeks of summer while we prep for a busy fall season ahead. Next week my book, Living with Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print at Home, officially launches. Below are a few other things we don't think you'll want to miss reading.

Rebecca Atwood in the Studio


10 Ways to Fix a Bad Day. Number 7 is a good one!

Jean Godfrey-June's Beauty Routine. Love her thoughts on how beauty can connect people.

Modern Feminism. (It's #WomenEqualityDay today!)

Are you happy?

Now that I have a yard, I am on the hunt for ideas and this post had lots of inspiration. See more of what's inspiring me here.

I'm feeling these shelves.

This house! It's a dream. It reminds me of another house tour I loved--Brice Marden's home in Hydra as seen on Lonny.



Artists that are known for their 'selfies'. 

Ethical underwear.

I'm hoarding the last of the summer corn and making this to sit in my fridge this winter.

The newsless-ness of Instagram and Snapchat. 

In love with the peeling wallpaper and pops of green in this French chateau. 



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