The Art of Making: Coverlets

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Woven blankets are just so cozy. I love these lightweight pieces because they add an extra layer of warmth, texture and pattern to your bed. You can style it under your duvet cover or on top. Most of our coverlets are also reversible so you can easily change the look.

Our coverlets are a woven matelassé. Matelassé means “quilted” in French because that’s how it looks, but it’s actually a woven fabric that mimics quilt stitching. We offer two coverlet patterns, a simple stripe with diamond quilting, and a geometric design with a quilted wave design. The stripe with diamond quilting is our take on a more traditional bedding style. The slightly rumpled texture adds a modern and relaxed touch. The geo wave pattern was inspired by Japanese textiles. The cozy, quilted texture is just what you want to curl up in bed with.


Rebecca knew she wanted to create woven coverlets when she visited Portugal because it’s a technique of the area and one she loves. She visited a mill that had many different qualities and capabilities which spared a conversation about the possibilities. We relied on the mill's expertise on construction and focused on design layout and colors. 

Before sampling, we received little yarn skeins to choose colors from based on what we had sent to the mill. Sometimes it's surprising how much a color can change when it's woven with a white or cream-colored warp yarn. The tangerine color for the striped coverlet was a tough one to land on. The tangerine yarn is actually a much brighter, nearly orange color, but when woven with a white warp yarn, the color changes to a must softer halftone. Learn more about the process of weaving fabric here.

These cozy coverlets wash well and are great for layering. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

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