The Art of Making: Our Duvets

Posted by: Karen Fuller

For me, there aren’t many things better than getting in bed with a fluffy duvet covered in crisp cotton or linen. A patterned duvet can help you feel calm and relaxed before going to bed. Here’s an inside look at how our duvets are made.

Our duvets are made in a family owned and operated, vertically integrated Oeka-Tex certified factory in Guimarães, Portugal. Vertically integrated means that the whole process is done in-house (versus outsourcing different components like weaving, printing, cutting or sewing). The only thing this particular factory doesn’t do in-house is spin the yarn. We love that almost the entire process is done in-house as it ensures a high quality, and also means the product travels less distance.

For our first collection of duvets, we focused on two fibers we love, linen and organic cotton. Of course, we had to have a linen duvet in our collection because we also use it for our printed fabric line and a lot of our throw pillows. The flax grown for linen is inherently environmentally friendly. The flax is grown in Belgium and France, then spun into yarn in China. Finally, the yarns for both fibers are woven into the base cloths at the factory in Portugal. The factory we work with for our duvet covers has almost 140 looms. They start with the spun yarns and size them to strengthen them for weaving before they prepare the warp and then weave the fabric. You can learn more about the basics of weaving a fabric in this post.

Once the fabric is woven it’s printed with their large, wide width digital printer. Digital printing creates less waste than other printing methods because it requires no water. After the fabric is printed it goes through a soft wash soft and then is cut and sewn along with its packaging. Our duvet covers are finished with a clean knife edge. The duvet closes with a simple, hidden zipper, so you can quickly close the cover. The inside corners have ties for you to attach to the duvet so everything stays in place and makes stuffing your duvet insert into the cover easier. Everything is then checked for quality and packaged to get on a boat and shipped to our warehouse here in the US.

Our duvets started in Rebecca’s sketchbooks and were made with quality materials, care and a focus on sustainable production. We hope they will add warmth and inspiration to your bedroom.

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