The Art of Making: Throw Blankets

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Our Stripe Fringe Knit throw blankets are a great layering piece for the bed, sofa, or a cozy side chair. The fringe adds a soft texture while the two-color stripes help bring a bit of color.

Our throws are made in Guimarães, Portugal. They are 100% cotton, making them a great lightweight throw for the warmer months. Knits have more stretch built into their construction than a woven material and so they drape well. The drape is perfect for styling on the end of the bed or the sidearm of your favorite chair and also drapes perfectly around your shoulders while sitting up in bed to read.

Rebecca loves a painted stripe with tonal variation because it’s so easy to mix into any space. This chunky knit was the best way to translate that loose brushstroke. Getting the throw just right took a few variations. We had to ask ourselves, how many stripes does it need, and in how many colors? Then there was the question of where the best placement for the fringe before we found the right combination. Every step of the sampling process is important.

While we wanted to create a cozy throw for summer, this one is dense enough to keep you cozy all year long.


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