The Best of The Fold: 2018

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

We had so much fun sharing the stories behind our designs, real homes and advice from Rebecca this year. We're looking back at our top stories on The Fold for 2018. We hope you found these posts inspiring and if there is anything else you'd like to see from us this year be sure to let us know in the comments below!

RA at Home: Sarah Sherman Samuel

We were so excited when Sarah Sherman Samuel reached out about using a custom color Marbled Stripe in Blushing Taupe wallpaper in her client's bathroom. Hear from Sarah about her home and how she uses pattern, plus some career advice, here!

RA at Home x Grace Atwood

When Rebecca's sister, Grace Atwood, moved into a new apartment Rebecca decided to treat her sister to bedding from our new line and wallpaper from our new screen printed wallpaper line. The result is a lovely, bright bedroom that's a far cry from a boring all-white bedroom. Hear from Grace about her bedroom, night routine here and shop her home decor picks here

Why The Pillow Insert Matters

Here at Rebecca Atwood Designs, you may think we are all about the perfect pillow styled beautifully on the couch with the complimentary throw and lighting.
But the truth is we are equally about the comfort of the pillow. If you walk into one of our living rooms the pillows have all been lived on. Sometimes they’re squished to the couch from a night of movie watching or sometimes they’re stacked perfectly plump on a chair for when guests come over. The reason our pillows wear well is because of what’s inside them: the insert. We think it’s time we gave the insert the attention it deserves! See more here.

Our New Store!

Hear all about why Rebecca decided it was time for us to open a store here!


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