The Power of the Pillowcase

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Making the bed doesn't need to feel like a chore, especially when you think of it as a way to refresh the look of your bedroom. I love mixing and matching different bedding pieces so that my room always feels a little bit different. 

The easiest (and most affordable) way to make a big impact is with your pillowcases. If you stock up on extra pillowcases you can change the look of the bed with just this one little thing. While some people love to change the look of their bed with decorative pillows, I'm also personally a fan of incorporating pattern onto the pillowcases you sleep on. It's a little more minimal, but also something you change more often when washing your bedding. I'm always happily surprised at how much changing just the pillowcases can change the look of your bed.  

Collecting extra pillowcases is also a great way to test out how you feel about a pattern. It's a lower commitment than a quilt or duvet, and they will always look good with a solid if you want a calmer moment.

If you have old pillowcases that need an update, there are a few projects in my book Living with Pattern for that too. You can dye them, or even embroider them. 

Shop our patterned and embroidered pillowcases for an easy update to your bedroom. They also make a great gift!



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