We’re launching Bedding!

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I believe that so much of life—well-being, productivity, feeling good—relies on a good night sleep. I love to sleep! I’m usually in bed around 9:30 and firmly believe in 9 hours of sleep. I even try to get more when I can. It’s become a bit of a family joke.

Naturally, it’s been a dream of mine to create a bedding line. I wanted to create a collection that is personal and full of patterns that can transport you.  I thought about the places and feelings that we all want to have when spending time in bed: Where do we want to fall asleep? Where do we want to wake up? If you love your bed, I hope it makes it encourages you to get to bed early, to wake up refreshed, and to enjoy those everyday moments.

I’m excited and nervous to share our first collection with you. It will launch in February, but in the meantime, we’ll be sharing sneak peeks so be sure to follow along and sign up for our Loyal List for pre-sale.


  • This is literally a dream come true! Congrats on your bedding line!

    Jean on

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