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Posted by: Rebecca Atwood


I’m so happy you’re here, welcome to our new site!

This year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my business and where I want it to go. I began my line with the simple wish to share my aesthetic point of view, and as a vehicle to help promote myself as a freelance designer. I wanted to create product I was passionate about and that was responsibly produced.  Three years went by pretty quickly, and I’ve realized it’s time to start dreaming bigger.

To do this I’ve been making time to work on my business and not just in it. I’ve been lucky to participate in a workshop called From Artisan to Entrepreneur, which has helped me get clear on what I want to build moving forward. It will be a constant evolution, but I’ve gotten clearer on what drives me and this business.

Our purpose is to inspire you to visualize your personal story with patterns creating beautiful, unique, and imagined spaces.  We create products that are easy to mix and match – pieces that make you feel good not only because of how they look but how they are made.

I want this to be a place where you can find the resources you need to create a home that reflects your personal story. I’ve thought a lot about what’s important to us, and so you’ll find that we’ll now be sharing a lot more about inspiration, self care, creativity, presence, and responsibility.

I hope you’ll come back often, and also know that we love to hear from you. Are there things you’d like to see more of here? Let us know! Leave a comment below, send us an email, or a note on instagram or twitter.


  • I love this Rebecca! So spot on! Can’t wait to follow along.

    ali on

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