We're Opening a Showroom!

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

If there’s one thing I’ve learned running my own business is that you have to be open to change and ready to head in new directions. It’s not always easy to embrace change—especially for someone like me that’s a creature of habit. I’ve eaten the same thing for breakfast for at least 20 years! When I first started my business it was such a leap of faith, and I had to get used to the ups and downs. Since then there have been many more leaps of faith— hiring my first employee (Nellie, who still works here and has grown to be our Marketing and Sales Director), getting our first studio space, launching fabric by the yard, investing in inventory, moving to a bigger space, hiring, deciding it was time for our bedding line. It’s always an adventure and while there are risks I’ve learned a lot and feel more confident about planning for these leaps.

All of this is to say that we are taking another big leap! This spring we will be opening a showroom in Manhattan. It wasn’t originally in the plan for this year but was something I had thought we’d do down the line. Sometimes you realize that the time is right to do something big--even if you haven’t been planning for it quite yet.

I am so excited to share this with all of you because you are the reason we’re doing this. We want to create a place to inspire you and offer more support on design. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more details as we dive into the process of designing the space and figuring out the details. We can’t wait to see you the spring in Nolita!



  • So proud of you, can’t wait to see a bit next week-end, really excited for you! xoox Mom!!

    Denise on
  • Beyond excited for you! You will crush it!! xo The O’Connors

    Sandy on
  • Congratulations and best wishes for continued success! You go girl!!!

    Mary Jane Keough on
  • This is so exciting! I’m so happy for you guys and also SO psyched to visit the store when it opens! I can’t even imagine how beautiful it’s going to be. It makes me really happy to see brick and mortar stores coming from small and large businesses that I love, and who make the retail experience something special (yourselves, Everlane, Sezane, etc). And selfishly also thrilled it’s going to be in Manhattan :). Congratulations!

    Jackie on
  • What amazing news! Can’t wait to visit!

    Jean on

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