What We're Reading 1.19.18

Posted by: Karen Fuller

There is something special about libraries. I love shelves lined with books and so many ideas. Before the holiday break, Rebecca, Nellie, Gaby and I paid a visit to Tatter, a textile library in Brooklyn. It's this cozy little space with a very comprehensive collection of every kind of textile and fiber book you can think of. They had a copy of Rebecca's Living with Pattern too! If you love textiles and are in Brooklyn, I would highly recommend visiting Tatter. One thing to know is you'll need to make an appointment first.  

We try to have creative days as a team every few months. It's great to refresh our minds and spend time together outside of our normal workday routine. We've gone to museum exhibits, the library, and done paper-mâché and suminagashi in the studio. 

Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week:


Reading more books.

A cool new design company.



This sounds like my dream vacation.

I love this because I started learning the ukulele last year and it's brought a lot of joy to my life.

Early Spring Blooms



Finally read When Breath Becomes Air.

Starting to plan my spring trip to San Francisco.



Looking forward to this exhibit

I love this blog for inspiration. 

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