What We're Reading 1.13.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Hello, 2017! Coming off an extended holiday break where we were able to relax and recharge, our team is ready to hit the ground running into the new year. Last week we took some time to share our goals for the year ahead at Rebecca Atwood Designs. It's important to write out your goals because this way they are more likely to happen and gives you accountability.

We had a team outing at the Guggenheim museum to see works by Agnes Martin. Her abstract expressionist work is beautiful and calming. I think we all left feeling inspired. 

We have a lot of exciting things coming out this year. Our first woven collection launched this week! You can see it here if you haven’t seen it already. We’re pretty thrilled about them. Here's what we're reading this week in the studio. Hope you have a great weekend!


Yoga basics.

Let's celebrate the cozy, or hygge.

This blog post by Elizabeth Suzann tackles the tough topic of pricing product and consumption.



A new years resolution was to work on trying to see hard issues from other points of view. This article was step one. 

Karen made the best smelling meatloaf last Tuesday, I went home and made that and meatballs with this recipe. Best cozy cold weather food.

New year, new travel envy. (#33 is on my May road trip!)

A fun challenge and a giveaway!



Thinking about work goals has me thinking about adding to my personal goals too. I like the idea of mini 30-day goals, so these challenges turn into habits. 

The radiators are on and I need to start cold weather skin care.

I am the worst at cleaning out my closet. I’m way too sentimental. These tips actually have helped.

I hadn’t ever thought much about the chemicals in nail polish before this.

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