What We're Reading 10.20.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Hopefully, you saw zip pouches are back in the shop this week. We're having a great response to these- grab your favorite before it's too late! What would you put in yours? I love this Sashiko Stitch in Tangerine styled with art supplies. We're also giving away one free zip to a lucky Loyal List member to sign up this week. You can do so here.

Last week I mentioned Gaby put some new colors into work for some of our existing printed fabrics. This week we got the first batch of strike-offs for the new colors. We love getting samples! It's exciting every time. Even when something doesn't come out quite right, having the sample is a great starting place and helps us make decisions on what to tweak. 

Click through our links to see what we've been reading: 


I've been reading a lot of business books lately, so I'm ready for some good fiction.

My sister Grace always supports what I'm doing.



Are you a night owl, an early bird? Or both?!

This article about mattresses is weirdly fascinating. 

Do you talk to your friends about money?

Me too.



If you're in Brooklyn, check out Tatter. We can't wait to go.

Remodelista's new book.

It's finally cool enough to have the oven on in my apartment- fall baking!



It's knitting season!

Free pattern.

Excited for the Sheep and Wool Festival.

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