What We're Reading 10.27.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

This week we took some time out of the office for a trip to the Museum of Modern Art. Right now they have an exhibit of Louise Bourgeois's work showcasing her prints. She may be more recognized for her sculpture, but she was also a printmaker and painter. Her fabric books were a favorite of ours.

Now that we've told everyone our first bedding collection is launching in early 2018, we can start talking about production! Our mill in Portugal has begun printing and weaving and cutting and sewing. They are sharing photos of the process with us, which we love. It's so fun to see our duvets being printed and coverlets getting woven! We'll have more to share with you soon. 

Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week: 


Fall salad ideas

I can't wait to see what Emily does with this fixer-upper.


Love a good bedtime hack.

Fear of a Female Genius

Dries Van Noten



I've seen this couple on the Brooklyn Promenade. So sweet.

It's time to start planning Friendsgiving!



Anni Albers

Louise Bourgeois

Michelle Grabner

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