What We're Reading: 10.7.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood ArtworkPhotography by Lydia Hudgens

This week has been a little quieter, in a good way! We've had a lot going on lately and this week is the first one in a while where I've had time to sit down and work on new artwork and creative concepts. There were fewer meetings, calls, and pressing needs. Next week it's off to LA so I'm trying to soak in this "regular" week, that actually isn't all the regular anymore. On that note, I hope you're all having a good week and here are our favorite links for the week.


3 DIY Bath Recipes I want to try.

This bedroom is gorgeous.

These amazing photos made me think about the diverse cultural history of our country. 

Loved spotting our splotched dot fabric used as roman shades (and one of our old pillows!) in Will's home

More living room inspiration.


I appreciate an eclectic space. I am going to keep these tips in mind while I try and put together my new (tiny) apartment, where the kitchen, living room and “office” are all the same room.

I just want to say I’ve been into sneakers for a while now, so this is validating. 

I’m not about to start up conversations with strangers on the train from reading this, but maybe I should start practicing small talk for the benefits.

This isn’t a political statement. Voting is a privilege and a right that people fight for, and I still need to register….


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