What We're Reading 11.10.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We spent the week warming our fingers on hot mugs of tea. The heat in our studio is unpredictable, and the weather in Brooklyn has officially turned to cold. Not that we're complaining. There is something nice about getting cozy with a cup of tea and a few extra layers on your outfit. 

Colder weather means the holidays are coming. Be sure to enter our giveaway! You can win everything you need for holiday hosting. We've partnered with some great brands we love. 


Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week: 


I'm off to Southern Style Now and will be chatting on a panel about textiles on Saturday.



I'm reading Little Fires Everywhere this week. Here are some more great book suggestions.

We have a new video up on Youtube and it's super helpful!

Not a big scarf girl, but a big turtleneck girl.

Did you/will you change your name when you get married?



I'm trying to get better at mornings. 

Winter is coming.

Dream deprivation.



Enjoying this book

Listening to this podcast

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