What We're Reading: 11.4.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

 Rebecca Atwood Studio

Last weekend new doors were installed on our new shelves. The doors are actually made of homasote, which means we can pin into them. The doors will keep all of our supplies tucked out of site while providing a much-needed surface area for creating mood boards and reviewing developments. Our studio makeover is really coming together thanks to our architect, Thomas Sheridan, and carpenter, Erik Gonzalez! We also had a photo shoot with Ren Fuller for new products that will launch in the new year so all in all it's been a pretty exciting week. Here's our weekly list of links not to miss.


Loved this look at Quiet Town's studio. I live nearby and want to visit!

This simple and elegant table setting is beautiful...I'd add patterned napkins though.

A reminder about doing just one thing at a time.

I wish I had a porch.

I have a mug from Jeremy Ayers, so I loved this peek into his studio.



As someone who worked on a food truck right after college I love reading these stories - hard work and being nice always pays off!

The Binge Breaker

This new clay studio opened in my neighborhood - a must if you live in BK!

It's the last day for our EPIC giveaway!

Number 9 is my favorite sandwich in NYC.

Clothes you can feel good about buying. 



These screen printed tiles are so dreamy!

Sports stories can be touching. So happy for Chicago

This Trading Spaces round up really took me back!

Only two ingredients? I might have to try this pumpkin pasta.

Vulnerability works in your favor...I'm reminding myself.

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