What We're Reading 12.8.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We're well into December now and have quite a to-do list before we take off for the holidays. Apartment Therapy dropped by the studio to shoot some video of Rebecca marbling and potato printing. These are two of our favorite techniques and have been the artwork used to make some of your favorite fabric by the yard and pillow styles! 

The first pre-sale bedding orders are coming in this week! It's a real thrill to see what people are liking best. I still haven't decided what my favorite duvet cover is- they're all so good! If you want to get the first peak at the bedding collection before official launch in February, sign up for our Loyal List for access!

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Jenna Lyon's Soho Apartment

I really enjoyed this article interviewing Muccia Prada.



Being an adult means doing important things that make you uncomfortable.

Edible straws.

Person of the Year.



I need to try this with my coffee grinder.

Starting to think about gift wrapping.

I like the idea of giving gifts to teach a skill.



Enjoying this book

A book advent calendar

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