What We're Reading 2.10.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

This week we are feeling more settled in our new space. There was a lot of, "...do you know where that is?" and, "Have you seen the tape/labels/envelopes." But now nearly everything has found a new home in our wonderful storage cupboards that we had Rebecca's friend Erik make for us. This week we got new desks and filing cabinets delivered. They look great and help fill out the bigger space. 
Here are the links we're reading in the studio this week:
I'm raising money for the Southern Poverty Law Center by selling these shirts in honor of Sen. Warren standing up for Civil Rights this week. They're only $18 and all proceeds go directly to SPLC.
We're giving away $3,000 worth of home goods with a bunch of amazing brands. 

Wish I could move into Emily Henderson's old home (see above!)
I need to get to reading if I'm going to finish The Boys in The Boat before book club next Friday.

Kitchen islands are great. Mine serves as extra counter space, storage space, a room divider - oh and also our kitchen table has two yellow stools. 

I usually send out handmade Valentines close friends and my young nieces and nephews. There is still time, but they'll be a little late this year.... 

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