What We're Reading 2.23.18

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We are a week closer to getting into the new space for the store. Becca is deep into planning mode. There are so many decisions to make- the layout, lighting, custom shelving, paint and so many other things!

Choosing paint colors is really tough without being in the space. We decided it would be helpful to paint a bunch of different colors on boards so we can take them to the space and see how they look with the lighting there. 


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My sister has one of her paintings and I can’t stop looking at her work now.

I really firmly believe we need stronger gun control laws, but I found the comments in this post by Emily Henderson really interesting.

Sharing my experience taking a leap.


There is no such thing as too much pattern.


Keep learning without going back to school. 

Just started Americanah for March bookclub. 

About Adam J. Kurtz.


Enjoying this book.

Love this menswear collection

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