What We're Reading 2.24.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller


It feels like spring in Brooklyn this week! The snow is gone. The sun is shining and it's still light out when we go home at night. The best.

I'm almost done talking about settling into our new studio, I promise. We are finally set up at our new desks, instead of being spread out over two large table. It's nice to know this is how it will be set up, at least for a while! Things can change quickly around here. 

It's been a relatively quiet week compared to the last few. No furniture delivery, no photoshoots. If you haven't seen it yet, our collaboration with Chasing Paper was released. You should check it out over on Chasing Paper's website or check it out on Vogue, Real SimpleApartment Therapy, Domino or Lonny

Here's what we've been reading this week:


This has me thinking about my upcoming trip to Portugal. I can't believe I leave in just one week.
I'm not sure if I believe in this, but I'm also very intrigued.


THIS! I hope more countries start moving away from the wasteful use of plastic every damn day. This gives me hope!

Since we don't live in France, insanely easy ways to use less plastic! Also if you purchase from us you get one of these.

I always thought of myself as having a super clean home. Guess not.



Living in New York has so many pros and cons. Where do you live?

I like this advice about being a fearless art collector. My gallery wall is ready to have some things swapped out.

This is an inspiring story about someone changing careers later in life

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