What We're Reading 2.3.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Where did January go? The past month flew by and I have a feeling February will too! This week’s excitement was that we moved studios. We were able to get a bigger space in the same building, just down the hall from where we are now. With moving comes decluttering and reorganizing- it’s amazing how quickly things can accumulate around here. The new space feels big and fresh. We are having a second wall of storage cupboards installed. I can't wait to get everything neatly stored away! Another thing we're adding is a huge, 18-month calendar on one of the walls. It will help us keep track of production timeline, sourcing trips, photo shoots, marketing events and all long term projects. Here’s to getting unpacked!

Check links to what we’re reading this week:



One of the things I love about living in Brooklyn is the great neighborhood restaurants. I loved this post with recommendations as I've actually only ate at two of the spots. I'm adding the rest to my list.

Sarah launched her shop and it's full of beautiful embroideries!

Sweaters with a message.



So thankful for amazing teachers!

My new favorite podcast that I'm telling everyone about and they're saying "you don't already listen to that?!" Here's to being that last to know.

My two best friends who live out of town are coming in and we're going to Dim Sum in Flushing for my birthday this weekend and I can't wait



I need to implement some of these tips for cleaning up as I go at home. I tend to really let things pile up in the living room.

I love This Is Us

I have the worst sweet tooth

I don't know if I can give up sugar- maybe this black bean brownie recipe is a nice compromise?  

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