What We're Reading 3.10.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

With Rebecca in Portugal this week, it has been a little bit quiet around here. We’ll be happy to have her back next week. I'm sure she will have plenty to show and tell us from her time spent exploring. You can see what she's been capturing on her Instagram.

A quiet studio is nice every now and then. There is plenty of time to cut swatches, re-think how our cupboards are organized after hastily unpacking, and take inventory of supplies that needs to be re-ordered all without too many interruptions.

Click through our favorite links from this week:

This IWD statue is all kinds of awesome. You don't have to tell me twice about the economic power of women.
Counting down the days to my honeymoon and can't wait to visit so many national parks in the southwest.  
This article definitely made me think a little differently about how to actively fight climate change and better protect our environment. 
If I ever have a daughter I'd hope she'd want a room like this!
Wednesday was International Women’s Day.
Did you see Rebecca's pattern download on Design Sponge? 
Generally I am a fan of “the way things were” and tradition, but this is a really interesting
I have friends coming to stay with me from out of town, and you don’t make cinnamon rolls from the can for that.

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