What We're Reading 3.24.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

The first day of spring was a nice way to start Monday this week. There are lots of sloppy, melting mounds of snow here in Brooklyn. I'm ok with that as long as it's on its way out and I can put my heavy winter coat away for good.--Hold it. I wrote that on Tuesday, and now it's back to freezing. Got the coat back out. And hat. For now, I'll settle for longer light in the evenings as the glimmer of warmer weather coming soon.

In the studio we're working on a lot of things behind the scenes. We are always striving to better our communication with our showrooms, interior designers and online customers and how we talk about our products. Whether it be on the phone, in email or through social media, we want to be as helpful as we can in getting you the information you need. The more we can connect with and get to know you, our customer, the better we can serve you.

We are exhibiting at ICFF for the first time in May. I know that will be here before we know it. There are a lot of logistical things to plan for an event like this. We have our booth to design and install, promotional materials to print, and other things we haven't gotten to yet. We are going to have our sewer make us shift dresses out of fabrics. How will we ever choose which print to wear?

Check our links below to see what we've been reading this week:


I'm thinking this will be my spring exercise plan.

These bathrooms have me dreaming about owning a home someday.



My sister and I are obsessed with this podcast but after this article I have mixed feelings. 

These nature tones are so calming and beautiful (unfortunately, I am 1000% certain I am too pale to rock this)

Can't wait to be out west

With earth day coming up I'm dreaming about owning some sustainable clothes


I'm already looking forward to picnics in the park.

I'm discussion leader for book club this month. The Rosie Project is very entertaining and sweet.

There is something so fun about miniature things!

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