What We're Reading 3.31.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

And March is over! I say it every month, but time flies when you're having fun. We are enjoying our new space so much. We mapped out our 10 ft x 10 ft ICFF booth without it really being in the way or disrupting our workspace. That's a lot of extra space! We could not have done that in our last studio.

We finally got swatches of our new collection of woven fabrics in. I'm learning that sometimes these things take longer than expected (it was 23 new styles!) It can be frustrating to wait when it's our your hands. If you've ordered swatches, they'll be shipping out very soon.

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How do you encourage yourself to exercise?

This post reminded me about my trips to India.

Spring cleaning ideas worth considering.

This charming and personal home reminds me that the best ones are filled with pieces and design choices that only the people who live there would make. 

This could be my cat Chili.



The houses in Big Little Lies make me want to move to California.  

NASA's photo library is addictive and mesmerizing. 

I don't know anyone else who eats #1 but it is my weakness.

Heading to Lake Michigan tomorrow for my best friend's bachelorette. I've never been and I can't wait to explore!


Rebecca Atwood Designs is four! Really happy to be part of the team. 

I usually just wear one pair of sneakers until they are dead. I'm getting ready for an upgrade.

Because we're strong believers in pattern mixing.

My husband and I are seriously considering a dog. Look at these mini golden doodles

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