What We're Reading 4.14.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

After lots of meetings and the open studio last week, we enjoyed a less scheduled time over the last few days. Rebecca has been painting up some new patterns and planning future collections. We can hardly wait to share it all with you! Good thing we're still excited about the new woven fabrics and pillows launched in March. You can see the new releases here.

We got to eat lunch outside in the beautiful, warm sunshine this week. We try to have a team lunch once a month. This gets us away from our desk and when it's warm, out of the office. The trees are budding and spring is finally here in Brooklyn!

Here is what we've been reading:


You have time.

My younger sister Meredith wrote a post for my older sister Grace's blog.

How to wash a pillow.


Finally warm enough to work on my back porch garden!

Plus lots of receipts and crumbs. 

A tree house. One day!

Can't get over the super bloom. Love wildflowers. 


I loved dyeing Easter eggs growing up. How pretty are these naturally dyed eggs

Since I've been planning on getting a dog, I've been clicking on all the dog-related articles

I love overalls. I just don't have any. Yet. 

I really love my apartment and don't plan to move anytime soon. I still thought this was a good check list to go through in making the decision to stay where I am.

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