What We're Reading 4.28.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Rebecca took a trip down to Atlanta during the first half of the week to speak at ADAC. It was a great experience for her to tell more interior designers about her background, her design process and learn about the line. She was able to visit with our showroom Paul + and a few other artist's studios.

It's warming up outside but the heat is off in the studio now, so it's chilly inside! It doesn't seem right to wear a sweater in April, but it's been necessary for this rainy, gray week we're having. There is something great about bright, spring green leaves on a gray sky though.


What does "science" mean?

Three artists I visited this week that you should know about: Michelle Armas, Sally King Benedict, Honeycomb Studio.


Dreaming of summer, camping and tiny cabins.

Saw some of these last weekend. My favorite part of spring in Brooklyn!

My new favorite place to buy a bra.

I think this would be hard, and I'm not even a big fan of shopping.

3 Ways To Become A More Conscious Consumer

Mobiles can be for adults too.

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