What We're Reading 4.7.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We made it through the first week of April. It was a busy one. There were several meetings in the city. It was kind of fun since there are definitely weeks when I don't make it into Manhattan during the work week. Rebecca and I met with our weaving mill to see more quality samples and pick out some new techniques to add in the next collection. We met with our New York showroom, Studio Four, and other partners. It's always nice to meet people in person, since so much of our day to day communication with them is through emails.

We opened our studio for some local interior designers we work with on Wednesday for a marbling event. This was a chance to let people visit our new space and share our love of marbling. You can learn how to marble in Rebecca's book, Living with Pattern. It's surprising how easy it is. Everyone agrees it's meditative and addictive.

See what we've been reading:


This made me laugh. 

California's super bloom

Speaking of California, just booked an AirBnb in Joshua Tree for June and can't wait!

Not looking to make a career change or anything, but like these guidelines on risk taking.

I brought home some new house plants last weekend. They really make a difference!

This looks like kind of a lot of work, but maybe worth it for flourless chocolate cake.


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