What We're Reading 5.12.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller


This week we launched our very first embroidered fabric collection! This is the first collection to be produced overseas. Working with mills in India doesn't come without challenges, but India is truly the best place for embroidery. We're so happy without these new styles turned out. You can see the inspiration for the collection here.

Summer is fast approaching. We're scheduling photo shoots for new product and making summer plans. Nellie is road tripping the southwest, Rebecca is exploring Japan and I am getting a puppy. It will be here before we know it and with everything on the calendar, will go fast!

See what we've been reading this week:


A store that's goal is to help promote zero waste.

While some people revel in trip planning, I find it bit stressful, so I enjoyed these tips.

Silver linings.


A fantastic and honest interview with Mara Hoffman about not only talking the talk but also walking the walk on environmentalism. 

I wish I could win this brand new bedroom - it's a good one, guys!

My bright home makes me happy, these inspire me to go bolder.


This tiny shop on wheels- genius!

I'm going to be a dog momma. Rebecca will let me bring the pup to work. So excited.

We painted a board a pale pink color for our ICFF booth and now we all want to use it in our apartments. So soft and pretty.

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