What We're Reading 5.19.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Today is the day! We're finally setting up our booth for ICFF. We've been prepping for this since early this year so it feels good to see it all come together. The show runs from Sunday to Wednesday. It is open to the public on Wednesday, May 24. We are in booth #877. Come and say hello if you're in NYC!

Jill and Jared from Paul + in Atlanta popped in for a visit this week. We're always happy to have our partners in to visit our studio. It's great to show them where we work and all the new things in development.

Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week:


Lately I've been perusing Gardenista for back yard inspiration, and I came across this dreamy vacation rental. I'd love to stay there all summer long.

My new neighborhood bookstore.

I'm also obsessed with Emily's new patio--the tile is so good.

T-one week (!!!) till I leave for two weeks on my honeymoon to the southwest. Cannot wait to go hiking.

Are honeymoon gifts a thing? If so, I want one of these.

I wish my roof could be like this.

I had never eaten a full salad until I was 25 but have recently started to like them more and more. I love this blog and am looking to try some of these recipes for lunch. 

This is so honest. Experiments don't always go as planned.

No big traveling for me this summer- but these European rivers, lakes and coastlines look amazing!

On women and leadership positions

Helen Levi and Dusen Dusen pop up for design week!

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