What We're Reading 6.2.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Hello, summer! 

We got so many new samples in to review this week. New wallpaper, new pillows, embroidered fabrics and more! Sometimes our mills get it right on the first try, and other times we have to make adjustments. It's all part of the process to get all the details just right so you can be excited to live with these pieces in your home. 

We have so many new things to photograph this summer. So stay tuned for new items!

Click through our links to see what we've been reading: 


This sums up how I feel about my cats.

We should all wear sunscreen year round, but especially this time of year. I found this list of recommendations helpful.

Love this Brooklyn home--filled with many finds from our friends at Studio Four.



She's not reading, she's on her honeymoon!



Some interesting packaging ideas...for food.

I do pack my lunch for work, but they're not this beautiful.

A lot of the IG accounts I follow are very similar (weavers and fiber artists) so I need to add some variety- 10 Illustrators on Instagram.

I pored over old family photo albums as a child.

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