What We're Reading 6.30.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We started our week with two days of photo shoots, which really makes the week fly by. We worked with Tory Williams to photograph the new studio and Rebecca's newly finished backyard. We're working on producing video content too. So stay tuned for video of Rebecca showing us how to style pillows on a neutral sofa- so many options!

We also welcomed a new studio mate this week. My new pup Frankie Mae received a warm welcome from Rebecca and Nellie (and everyone she's ever met!) I'm lucky Rebecca loves pets and lets me bring Frankie along with me. Frankie is on her way to becoming a sweet studio dog.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Click through what we've been reading:


The challenge of trying to create sustainably.

5 ways to become a better public speaker.

So much of what inspires me comes from nature, so I'm going to be following these accounts on Instagram.



I avoid air conditioning at all costs so these tips were right up my alley.

My friends are doing the plastic free July challenge. It will definitely be a challenge but I'm excited!



Love this Brooklyn studio apartment makeover. You can do a lot with small spaces!

NY stores love to double bag plastic bags. It drives me nuts. I'm getting better at bringing my own, but it's hard!

How are you spending your 4th of July weekend?

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