What We're Reading 6.9.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

June is well underway and we're finally having warmer weather! We try to eat outside when we can, or at least take a quick walk around the block to get some sun and vitamin D. There are some nice outdoor seating areas we can enjoy in our building complex. The walk around the block- not as nice, since we're right next to the BQE, but just being outside is enough! 

Last week I mentioned that we got a ton of new samples to review. We were able to approve (almost) everything  and put a lot of things into production! We can't wait to get photo samples later this summer. 

Click Through our links to see what we've been reading: 

This seaside cabin has me looking forward to Cape Cod in July.

I'd like to stay here next time I visit Porto.

Loved this article about Ace + Jig and how they're building community. So much of this resonates with how I want to grow our business.

I truly enjoyed this month's book club read- and not just because I live in Brooklyn.

It's true- summer always goes by so fast. I like this idea of making a summer bucket list!

Pretty popsicles.

The rudest thing you can do on Instagram- I think this is supposed to be funny? I thought it was.

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