What We're Reading 7/14/17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

I knew this would happen, it always does, but this summer is going by so quickly! Rebecca is away this week spending time with her family on Cape Cod. Go check out her Instagram to see some of her favorite spots!

This was one of those weeks where not everything goes the way you planned. Sometimes it seems like all the issues pop up at once. All you can do is figure out what went wrong and make a new game plan. Luckily the weekend is here, and we can regroup, rest up and get ready to hit the ground running on Monday with a photoshoot. Keep your eyes open for new pillows coming later this summer!

Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week:


Have you ever traveled by yourself?

9 things you must buy from Whole Foods

I've been trying to give up chocolate (unsuccessfully). Making some of these might help!

On a recent trip out west, we drove all the way to Palm Springs and this was closed! These photos make me kind of feel like I made it.



I love that I get to work in a pretty office. Here are some other pretty creative work spaces

Avacado toast theory.

Always looking for a new book to read on the subway.

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