What We're Reading 7.21.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We started off the week with a great product photography shoot here in the studio. I think a big theme this year is that we love having more space. Just a little rearrangement of our work tables and voila! A photo studio. It's nice that we can keep working in the same room (always so much to get done!) while the photographer does her thing close by so that if there are any questions, we're there to answer right away. These and other pillows will be launching very soon!

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A zero-waste dinner in Brooklyn. 

The little pathway through Emily Henderson's new garden is so precious and remind me so much of my mom's garden growing up. Love the whole backyard reveal

Are you taking a trip or are you taking a vacation? (From Stella at Cup of Jo)

How much plastic do you throw in the trash every day?

Resisting temptation at Target.

Some day I'll do a cross country road trip

Love a good to do list.

Artists are timeless talents.

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