What We're Reading 7.7.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller


2017 is already half over, so Rebecca, Nellie and I reviewed our goals for the year. It's good to do check-ins so you can make sure you're on track to accomplish your goals and make adjustments. It's also a nice time to pat yourself on the back for things you were able to check off the list.

I spent some time this week prepping for an upcoming fall product photo shoot. There are new wallpapers, new pillows and a few fabrics that we can't wait to launch. Keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peeks!

Starting the work week off on a Wednesday, after a long holiday weekend was hard! How is it the weekend again already? Click through our links to see what we've been reading this (short) week:


I'm planning a trip to Japan at the end of the summer and I'm reading this book for places to see from a design perspective and this book for food recommendations.

Favorite face masks from my sister.

My sister also made this lasagna for a recent family dinner and it was so good.



I have a back deck instead of a yard so I am all about container plants that feel lush and full.

Do you have someone who's Instagram makes your day? Mine is Fine Little Day.

My husband is from the Flemish side of Belgium so we've gone to Amsterdam a couple times when going home. It is really so much better than its reputation. 



This is an interesting question

Loving abstract painting at the moment. 

Wash care for your bedding. 

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