What We're Reading 8.25.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Work for Rebecca's next book is really in full swing this week! The first colorful home was photographed in Queens and lots of great shots were captured in our studio. We're working with photographer Sharon Radisch. Follow along on Instagram to see some peeks behind the scenes! 

There are a lot of different topics to cover on color and how to see it and use it. Rebecca's book will cover everything from the science of how your eyes see color, how to mix colors in your home and finding your personal color pallet. 

Check out what we're reading this week:  


Shishito peppers are my favorite summertime snack and this recipe is fool proof. 

Bijou Karman

My new favorite podcast.

Flying through this book right now. Next up (I hear it's even better than All The Light We Cannot See)



A weaver's daily routine.

I've always loved the idea of actually only having one week of outfits

Nightgowns in the daytime? Yes, please!

I think most of these "new" tech services already exist under different, unbranded names. Corner bodega, encyclopedia, a bus, phone call, taxi, anyone? 

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