What We're Reading 8.4.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

We had a quieter week sandwiched between two days of video shoots last week, and three days of photo shoots coming up next week. A quiet week really just means a few days where we have more time to plan for the next big thing! 

A lot of preparation goes into each photo shoot we have. This week we prepped for three days of shooting next week. Shot lists are written and revised making sure we didn't forget anything. After that, I like to go through and double check we actually have each piece we need to shoot. Sometimes it feels a little bit like a scavenger hunt finding it all. Nothing is ever actually lost, but sometimes it seems like things walk off on their own and hide in a different stack of fabric, pillows, swatches, sketchbooks. Whoever finds it gets to be a hero for 2 seconds.

Here's to August and a happy weekend!

Check out what we've been reading this week:


So glad the Package Free Shop is here to stay.

Love these straw bags!

Summer home goals.

Notes from a Baby-Names Obsessive. 


I'm not into journaling right now but have been in the past. They turn into great/embarrassing time capsules of thoughts and feelings.

Pattern and color in a Parisian home.

Frankie Mae has me really into puppies right now. 

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