What We're Reading 9.1.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Hello, September! While most people are lamenting that summer is over after Labor Day, just remember it's not technically over until September 22nd. Fall is my favorite season, so summer ending isn't so sad. Plus, we have a lot of fun things on the horizon for fall! Our team is growing with the addition of a full-time Design Assistant for Rebecca. We're excited to have another member in the studio! 

We hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Click through our links to see what we've been reading this week. 

Becca: She's probably translating Japanese signs into English. 



End of summer dessert.

My husband wanted to donate through JJ Watt (because, football) but there are many other places to donate to. 

Love Dutch interiors.



Kind of like a back to school wellness check

Maybe plywood can be chic? 

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