What We're Reading: 9.2.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend and I'm sure you are too. I hope you're heading somewhere relaxing to enjoy it with friends and family, and hopefully even get to go for a swim!  Labor Day is always bittersweet to me, as it reminds me that summer is coming to the end. I grew up on Cape Cod, and have to say September was always the best time of year there as the tourists had all gone home and the water was still warm from the sun heating it up over the summer. Whatever you're doing I hope you enjoy it! Here's our weekly roundup:


Organizing your cords - love that Erin used one of our boxes!

Still dreaming about Emily Henderson's bedroom - and the bed she made with our marbled stripe fabric!

Love this feature on our friend Sarah Laskow Designs.

Artistry restores! I couldn't agree more with Adriane that EVERYONE is creative.  Thank you to Grace Bonney for sharing the new site Noir Care.

We're in tomato season and I love it. Here are some good tips to save when you get some that aren't so great. Plus, how to make a Bloody Maria.

Pick your own pace.

You can also find me over on Homepolish, with the first of a four part series on pattern.



This post filled me with so much nostalgia. The comments are even better! I think my favorite song of all time is this one.

Taking breaks.

I don't have pets but I do get anxiety leaving my plants for long weekends. Thankfully The Sill has some great tips. 

I have been trying so hard lately to be zero waste. This list helps.

I made soft pretzels this weekend for my sister's birthday party. So much fun!


P.S. Living with Pattern is here! Thank you to those that shared such wonderful features:


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