What We're Reading 9.29.17

Posted by: Karen Fuller

Fall is finally here! The weather in Brooklyn hasn't quite caught on yet, but it'll get there. 

You know that special project we've been working on for so long but couldn't say anything about yet? Hopefully you've been following along on Instagram stories and saw that we're launching bedding in early 2018!

Last week we got to unveil the collection to press in a townhouse in Manhattan. Bedding is a different beast than fabric yardage and pillows! We needed a place where we could set up multiple beds, so a house was our best option. We even had to get a blowup mattress in the studio while we were in the sampling process so we could imagine the patterns layered on the bed. Having the right context is really important when reviewing samples, so Rebecca usually takes the samples home with her too. Seeing bedding pieces in the context of a home and bedroom was key. Looking at color in different kinds of light helps too. We can't wait to get everything into the warehouse and up on our website. Be sure to sign up for our Loyal List to be first to know about the  bedding launch! 

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Women and Ambition.

Why you should spend more time in nature.

Artists and Politics.



What women need.

Love seeing how our embroidered pillows and fabrics are made. 




Love throw rugs- like a woven tapestry for your floor!

Our Ombre Stripe pillow looks great on this little boy's bed. 

I need to start keeping a journal again. 

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