What We're Reading 9.23.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood + Grace Atwood for Lulu Frost ZodiacsPhotos by Trent Bailey for Lulu Frost 

I can't believe Fall is officially here. This week we launched our new fall collection of pillows and our very first throw blankets. Next week we'll be sharing more about the development process behind our first woven throws and pillows as well as styling tips, so stay tuned. Below find our favorite links this week--including those from Karen, our new operations and production assistant. 


How to avoid the dry cleaner, and other laundry tips.

My sister Grace and I were featured on the Lulu Frost blog.

I want to try making this

I'm loving these pink grasses and think they'll be a nice addition to my backyard.

While this advice is about parenting, and I don't have kids, I think the idea of playtime is pretty relevant for us all.

Eye candy.

Congratulations to The Citizenry on 2 years in business! Loved the founder's note.



A must read for small creative e-commerce companies: The Tuesday Bassen vs. Zara story.

I might have to buy this for my sister's cats and Rebecca's puffs

I'm already looking forward to fall dinner parties! Becca's advice on how to style a table three different ways helps get me excited.

#4 is already on my list but this round up has me dreaming!

No, I'm from New York.



I'm a little late to New York Textile Month, but need this magalog now!

Another book release from our Industry City neighbor Maryanne Moodie. Can't wait to get my copy!
Sometimes little changes make a big difference! Here are some good ideas for self-improvement. I'm working on several of these.
Not having a gym membership doesn't mean you can't work out!

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