What We're Reading: 9.30.16

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood's HomePhotography by Lydia Hudgens

This week the weather really started to change and it's feeling like fall. I always struggle a little with this transition, as well I do love fall, I dread the winter! I'm making an effort not to wear my gold birkenstocks and to put on "real" shoes. My feet feel like they're resisting or maybe it's my imagination, but regardless the season is changing.

I'm working on hanging artwork in our home, and hopefully this weekend we'll get up shelves.  I always think I'll get these things done faster than I do, but it takes time.  It's been three months since we moved! While we get settled I like setting up little vignettes like the one above with ceramics by Michelle Barrett. Having just one little area sorted is an easy accomplishment that is also very satisfying.  One of our next steps will be picking the fabrics for our blinds and curtains.  I brought home a bunch of our fabrics, but I've been feeling indecisive.

Here are the links we've been reading here in the studio--I hope you enjoy them too!


I found this fascinating! Great tips for taking care of yourself--and your skin.

My tips for organizing your space.

My sister's post on turning 35. Her thoughts on our grandmother mirror my own, and there's so much in there we all can relate to.



How to start a creative career: just start!

I don't even want to know

I'm getting married next weekend and this blog post had me laughing, crying and feeling excited about wedding planning for the first time in a long time. 

I am terrible at makeup but this beauty routine is one I think I could do! 



Fall is my favorite! Can’t wait for Hudson Valley hikes.

Be confident.

Happy we have plants in the studio!

I need to try making these no bake chocolate bars.

One man's junk, another man's treasure

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