Where Do You Want to Sleep? Places that Inspired Our Bedding Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Before designing our first bedding collection, I thought about the places that made me feel most relaxed.  I thought about the places I’d love to fall asleep or wake up. I thought about how much I love to be home and how I could make that experience more luxurious. I was inspired by soothing and calming natural elements: the ocean, clouds, moonlight, and the sun. 

Spending time in nature helps me feel more grounded and less stressed. I read that even looking at photos of nature can help reduce stress. Bringing nature into your space can be good for you, so I wanted to create patterns that would bring that feeling into the bedroom.  Each of the patterns in the collection was designed to be the perfect backdrop for you to fall asleep. I wanted to transport you with pattern. These are the places that inspired me:


The Sky

The ever-changing swirls, movement, and texture of the sky and clouds always make me feel at ease when I take the time to stop and really look. Do you remember laying on your back as a child and watching the clouds—trying to decide what they looked like?  From fluffy white puffs to stormy rain clouds, you can get lost watching these morphing shapes. I wanted to bring this soft meditative mindset to your bedroom with our Cloud duvet.


The Coast

The New England coast is a constant inspiration for me because I grew up on Cape Cod. I wanted to bring that crisp, coastal vibe to your bedroom with our Watercolor Stripe duvet. The ripples of sand and water provide a gentle but invigorating backdrop. Here I thought about the off-season, and how nice it can be to sit by the sea in early Fall when it’s a little cooler and quiet.


The Moonlight

When I think about a perfect place to fall asleep, I think about cool nights out of the city with the moonlight casting a soft glow. The glowing phases of the moon and the soft shadows are a comforting backdrop for a good night’s rest. Our Watercolor Stripe duvet in Gray was inspired by these shadows. 


The Surf

It’s no surprise the ocean itself is one of my favorite places to be—and in particular Cape Cod Bay. When the tide is low, and it’s sleepy and still at dusk, I love to walk along the edge of the water. The bubbling surf as the tide goes in and out puts me at ease—which is just how I want my bedroom to feel with our Ocean duvet.


The Sun

Especially in colder months, I want to feel warm and cozy when going to bed. Magic Hour. That moment when the sun casts a warm pink glow is one that I wish I could bottle up and save. I’m reminded of it when I see the pink inside a seashell, which may be why I save them. This soft glow makes everything look rosier, and this is what I want to bring to your bedroom in our Shell duvet.


I hope these designs will create a soothing environment for you to rest. I’d love to hear the places you dream about falling asleep and waking up, so leave a comment below.

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