Why The Pillow Insert Matters

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Here at Rebecca Atwood Designs you may think we are all about the perfect pillow styled beautifully on the couch with the complimentary throw and lighting.

But the truth is we are equally about the comfort of the pillow. If you walk into one of our living rooms the pillows have all been lived on. Sometimes they’re squished to the couch from a night of movie watching or sometimes they’re stacked perfectly plump on a chair for when guests come over. The reason our pillows wear well is because of what’s inside them: the insert. We think it’s time we gave the insert the attention it deserves!


The insert of a pillow matters because it determines how plump and cozy the pillow will be. Our high-quality inserts are made here in the US and filled with both down and feather. Our Down & Feather suppliers respect and are in compliance with the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and our down and feather is only sourced as a byproduct of the food industry.

The feather gives the pillow weight while the down makes it comfy. The ratio of the two will decide how heavy or soft the pillow is and also how pliable the pillow is for styling. Too many feathers and not enough down can make a pillow prickly or stiff. On the flipside, too few feathers can make a pillow flat and unsupportive. We believe 10/90 is just right.

When you have to wash your pillow cover (read our care instructions here) make sure to give your insert a good fluff to redistribute any feathers that have floated down to the bottom. If it is still looking sad you can try this trick we learned from Apartment Therapy a few years back. 

Once you stuff your insert back in your pillow cover make sure you pull the corners of the insert into the corners of your pillow. We use inserts that are 2” larger than their covers so they feel full and comfortable.

Of course, pillow inserts are a personal choice and some people are allergic to feathers and down. If you need something different we can find you just the right insert – all you need to do is email us!

Happy lounging!


  • I have a feather bed (duvet) that I plan to take apart and use the feather for pillows. What is the case called for stuffing the feathers in and where can I buy them on-line?

    Many thanks for responses!!

    Linda Finkelstein on
  • I agree with the above comment. I am a designer who only specifies products that do not involve animal exploitation, or suffering. I also focus on sustainably sourced materials. I was first drawn to your products because of the beautiful look, then because of your branding involving “responsibly” produced, how does that come into play with down? I am rather confused.

    Debbie Kennedy on
  • I love your work but down inserts are made in an unusually cruel fashion, so if you are considering how things are made as part of your mission maybe the insert could be included in that. Just a thought!

    Dunja on

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