Market Stripe Fabric in Navy/Blue


Our Market Stripe was inspired by a vintage fabric from a flea market trip, and Rebecca reinterpreted this classic stripe as a heavier and more durable performance fabric. We love the width of the stripe—it has breathing room. It’s a great way to bring in color and complement a minimal space, or it can be a foundational piece for a rich palette of texture, color, and pattern. Use this fabric indoors or out.

Woven in Pennsylvania
99% UV polyester, 1% UV acrylic
Finish: Soften/Frame
Fabric Width: 55”
Repeat: 2.25"w x n/a"h
Bleach Cleanable: 4:1 Ratio
Lightfastness: 3 years, minimal to moderate fading
Lightfastness can vary depending on what region of the world you live in. Minimal fading will occur over time, but the color will fade on shade. Please be sure to read the care instructions.
See our Fabric FAQ here.

Currently, we have fewer than 100 yards in stock. Typically orders for a quantity larger than what we have in stock will take about 8 weeks for delivery. Email for a stock check or more information.

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